Putting the wow into brows & beauty

March to the beat of your own drum by shaping your identity with Australian designed brand Browtician!

Here for the eccentric, the fabulous and the original, Browtician seeks to bridge the gap between beauty and brows. With a unisex cosmetic tool designed to put back the edge in functionality, create brows that truly WOW!

All our tools are brought to you by those that share a passion for individuality, self expression and style. Precision performance is behind the name; fearlessness, originality and gorgeous brows is what drives our game. Browtician is Australian born and bred and has a strong belief that nothing is impossible - the word itself screams “I'M POSSIBLE”.

Each tool has been individually designed to have the potential to achieve the same high-level shaping, maintenance and care for your eyebrows. Our difference is that we know that one size doesn’t fit all. A single cosmetic tool doesn’t begin to explore the real you!

Disrupt the average. Inject excitement. Deliver passion and confidence back into your daily routine by expressing your identity through any of our 5 brow personalities; the Stylist, the Minimalist, the Loud Brow, the Jeweller, and the Artist.

Are you fierce, understated or loud? Do you wish to shine bright and stand out? Be creative. Be you!

We create history without having a history. Own the “you” in unique and help put the WOW back into brows & beauty.

Love Browtician x

Putting the wow into brows & beauty


The creative adventurer
The hidden agenda
The silent hipster
Ready to party
A thing for bling