Exclusive Australian fashion label

Like the loud roar of a cannon, House of Cannon has erupted onto the Australian fashion scene and boy are we head over heels!!

House of Cannon are devoted to disrupting the fashion world through their creation of unique, stylish garments which they deliver across the globe. Moving away from stylish black securities, this quirky fashion house is bringing fun, versatility and self expression back to the fashion industry.

Since it’s launch in 2013, House of Cannon has showcased an array of bold colours, textures and designs, inspired by culturally diverse cities around the world. Throughout each collection the fashion house plays with the deep contrast between urban chic and the rich flavours of the east and west, making it easy to express your own unique identity with key collection pieces.

The label’s first collections: Nocturnal New Orleans, Kiddo Kyoto and Halcyon Hong Kong, capture the cities life and cultural beauty in print, cut and style. Merging industrial cities and serene natural landscapes enhances their collections strong, lush concept.

Each piece of clothing promotes a brave sense of individuality. Pops of colour, femininity and the poised meets funky vibe, makes each piece unmistakable and a must-have! We want to celebrate this beautiful extension of personality as an incredible way to further harness your sense of self. At Browtician, self expression begins with beautifully original brows, but doesn’t end there. Embrace your individuality in everything you do and in everything you wear!

Exclusive to Australia, Browtician and House of Cannon are built upon the beauty of self-expression, with a mission to create an identity that is exclusive to you!

We were lucky enough to team up with House of Cannon for our incredible photo shoot, and are over the moon to be finally sharing these gorgeous images with you all!

We applaud the Loud Brow, quirky souls behind this beautifully creative label and look forward to seeing what they throw at us next. Watch out world, some seriously fly Australian brands are on the rise and they’re going to be unstoppable!!

House of Cannon is on our watch list, bringing colour, laughter and life back into our wardrobes!



Website: House of Cannon

Facebook: /houseofcannon 

Instagram: @houseofcannon


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