Like your choice in jeans, your brows can tell someone a lot about you! With Browtician tweezers you can shape the uniqueness you present to the world. Whether you’re a minimalist, loud brow, jeweller, stylist or artist, a strong brow game means more than a memorable face. What do your brows say about you?


1. The Minimalist – Black Jeans
Just like your brows, your denim is sophisticated, sharp and never over-done. Your jeans are always black and you totally pull them off paired with a casual shirt or a simple over-sized tee. You’re a silent hipster with an eye for all things simplistic, practical and effortlessly simple. For most things, less is more – though you’re careful not to apply this to your eyebrows, as over-plucking is not your style. You’re the pretty relaxed, no-frills type but your effortlessly cool appearance has you often considered by others as a real trend-setter.


2. The Loud Brow – Boyfriend
You see style as a chance to truly express your edgy, unique inner-self. That’s why you’re loud brows call for a pair of killer boyfriend jeans. The more outrageously ripped, frayed and distressed, the better! You appreciate the chic style of others but won’t be conforming anytime soon. Your brows are striking and full, though you’re never afraid to let them do their own thing, as you’ll always be doing yours!


3. The Jeweller – Flared
You’re a queen of glamour with your eyes always fixed on the latest trend. With a real ‘flair’ for fashion, your look comes straight from the runway. Your brows are bold, shapely and give you that extra bedazzle! Flares are your go-to denim, a stylish nod to the 60’s, delivered straight from your favourite Instagram babe’s wardrobe.


4. The Stylist – Skinny Jeans
You’re no stranger to style! You’re an everyday chic professional with intense, striking brows that are fierce and demand the best. In a pair of perfectly fitted skinny jeans you rock everyday of the week, strutting around at work, down the street or in your home like you belong on the cover of Vogue. Work it girl!


5. The Artist – Acid Wash
You’re a dreamer, a shaper and a creator, with a style that doesn’t fight to fit in or shout to stand out. Like your acid washed jeans, your brows are an extension of yourself, another muse that never stops inspiring your artistic nature. Your aztec prints may not traditionally go with your distressed acid wash, but in 10 years time will you be surprised when your look hits the runway?!


Love Browtician x

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The hidden agenda
The silent hipster
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