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We have all fallen victim to upsetting product packaging. From the individually wrapped banana, to the impossible-to-open casing around a new pair of scissors, which requires a second pair of scissors to contend with!

Using the dreaded blister pack as reverse-inspiration, Cardboard Engineer Matt Bogust has made it his mission to put an end to poor quality packaging solutions once and for all. In Matt’s opinion, there’s no excuse for a bad package. “It’s all about the details, and a lot of people packaging their products forget this.”

Since founding THINK Packaging in May 2010, Matt has taken the brand & product world by storm, collaborating with graphic design teams to create functional yet beautiful solutions to excite and amaze. A self confessed perfectionist, Matt is an expert at delivering work to fit a given brief, and is also skilled in working together with clients to develop preliminary concepts.

With 10 years experience in structural design, Matt has all kinds of projects under his belt. Biodegradable pet caskets are an interesting example, and on the opposite end of the scale, a piece to hold high end crystal glassware for a royal wedding. “It was picked up & checked by a bomb squad – rad.”

Matt is also responsible for the stunning KAI Coconut Water presentation pack, as well as a vast array of other impressive cardboard creations.

Originally from the UK and having travelled the world with his career, Matt is currently based in New Zealand, but still jet sets frequently. “I’ve recently been asked to speak at a packaging expo in Brussels, so I’m thinking that’s going to be pretty ace!” The Big Apple is still on Matt’s destination wish list, as is a return trip to Buenos Aires.

When asked what new projects he has in the works, Matt replies “Ooh, some are pretty secret. Here’s the gist though: A multi layered promo piece for a bespoke paper company, a premium gin label and some rather high fashion lingerie, ha – saucy!”

A combination of top notch technical skills and a passion for precision, perfection and great design makes Matt Bogust a game changer in the product packaging market. So if you’re after more than just a box, pick up the phone and give Matt a call. He could change your life – or at least deliver you a nifty package!



Website: Think Packaging

Facebook: /thinkpackaging

Instagram: @think_packaging


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