Nynne Rosenvinge

It’s no secret that Nordic designs are a MUST-HAVE! We’ve seen inspiration channeled into interior design, styling, and fashion, but into a pair of tweezers? Not until now!

Recently Browtician collaborated with the ever-talented Nynne Rosenvinge, to further our mission for self expression. Nynne says “I feel liberated and alive when I am designing.” Her abstract and original designs are what we wanted to capture and deliver direct to our customers.

Nynne Rosenvinge is a Copenhagen born designer and the talent behind our exclusive limited edition print Graphic Triangles, our expression of one’s inner creative! Our collaboration with Nynne has extended the Browtician identity to a fifth persona that embraces the artist amongst us. This persona is for the shapers, the movers and the makers!

It’s no surprise that an artist such as Nynne has emerged from a city driven by creativity. Denmark is renowned for innovation, with its creative industries accounting for a large portion of its overall revenue and employment. There is a fantastic range of highly developed design schools which have fostered some of the greatest talents in both the fashion and interior design industry. According to Nynne, the V1 Gallery and Vess are must-visit artistic destinations when visiting Copenhagen!

The quirky and cultural hub of Berlin is now the place Nynne calls home, often gifting her with inspiration that she uses in her work today. Bursting with colour and history, this city and its incredible street art, architecture, unique trends and diverse stories often acts as a muse to many artists.

Nynne said, “I just love to create” and through her work we can sure see why! Emanating from paintings and illustrations, Nynne slowly integrated the elements from her striking art work into pattern designs. With a keen taste for all aspects of design, Nynne shared with us her passion for creating anything that can open the gate to visual self-expression – from logos, to home decor projects, and art work collections.

Nynne enjoys the freedom of working hand in hand with clients, and participating in projects where her free-spirit and unique style is both trusted and applauded.

We’ve loved working with Nynne and look forward to releasing our new nordic collaboration with you all! For all the Artist’s out there, get ready for next level brow game, another avenue to express your creative spirits!


Love Browtician x

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