The Brow-To Guide

If you spend hours on Instagram low-key crushing over the Internet’s power brows, but still haven’t quite managed to perfect your own, don’t worry – you’re in safe hands. With a quick read of our Brow-To Guide, you’ll have all the knowhow needed to maximise your brows’ potential, giving you all the confidence you need to slay every day.

It’s no secret that brow maintenance can seem like a daunting task that’s best left to the experts, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s the tools, the method or even choosing the right shape for your face, we’re here to help you master the basics.

But don’t feel like you have to keep between the lines. The power is in your hands to create the shape, style, colour and thickness you want, because we understand that everyone should own their unique brows – with a little helping hand from the Brow Experts.


Step 1

Let ‘em grow, let ‘em grow, let ‘em grow. To understand the natural shape of your brows, give them some breathing space. If you can, leave them for six weeks. But if you’re itching to get those brows on fleek today, then let’s start with a brow-taming must, the ever-misunderstood spoolie.

Trust us, this tool is the foundation to achieving a strong brow. Start at the root of the brow hair and pull in the direction of hair growth for a groomed look, or brush slightly upwards for a thicker, fuller and unruly brow.


Step 2

Time to work out your shape. Are you going for brushy brilliance, arched perfection, bold and beautiful, or long and lean? Use the natural curve of your brow to define this, and try not to force a shape that doesn’t fit your face.

Trend alert: big brows are (still) ultimate goals. It’s all about what you leave, rather than what you pluck away, so tweeze wisely. Follow your brows’ natural shape, removing any unruly hairs that refuse to stay in formation. But whatever your brow game, we got you. Stand out from the crowd with the Loud Brow, get creative with the Artist, achieve understated excellence and set the trend with the Minimalist, keep it sleek and sexy with the Stylist, or dazzle them with the Jeweller. The choice is yours.


Step 3

Throw some shade and add depth by filling in your brows with either a pencil or angled brush and powder. The colour’s up to you, but for a more natural look, use a product that’s a hint lighter than your natural hair colour. Start filling in the section of your brow that starts directly above your tear duct, and work outwards in short, light strokes. Feeling bold? Build up the colour and shape as desired.


Step 4

Add your finishing touches. If you’re after precision, definition and straighter than straight lines, call for backup. You’ll need a small pair of scissors and your eyebrow brush to achieve this look, trimming along the top of the brow closest to your tear duct.

Top them up with a smack of brow gel, the miracle maker of texture and volume. If your brows are naturally thinner, this pot of gold will give them the thick and full look you’ve always desired.

Wanting more? Create drop-dead definition using an angled brush with cream concealer to outline the brow along both sides of the outer arch. Blend into your foundation and watch those brows pop.


Step 5

You’ve created your very own masterpiece, now own it and may your brow game be forever strong!


Love Browtician x

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